Water Bowser

Movement Tractor Towable
Availability 500 gallons to 2000 gallons
Chassis channel 8” x 3”
Baffle plate 1
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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A water browser is a tractor-mounted attachment, generally attached to the tractor’s rear end. This huge farm implement is capable of storing liquid fertilizers or any sort of fluid for a long period of time. These browsers are made up of resistant quality materials, which are leak-proof and algae-proof. For meeting the water shortage requirements, this essential farming tool is a step ahead of the rest of our similarly functioned farm implements, since large quantities of water can be easily commuted and reach the destined location within no time, sufficing water requirements.


Prominent Specifications

  • Export quality farm implementation.
  • Verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Bowsers are leakage-proof.
  • Successfully sprays large quantities of fertilizers on the developing crops.
  • Can be used for pressure washing.
  • Affordable and of dynamic use.
  • Putting an end to drinking water problems.
  • Easily carried and can be maintained easily too.
  • Carrying fluid is no more troublesome.


Technical Specifications

  • The available sizes are 2000 liters and 5000 liters.
  • Compatible with all 50 Hp and above farm tractors.
  • Is available with and without pumps.


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