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Tractors Togo has Combine harvesters for sale

As the name implies, a combine harvester is used for harvesting crops. This is a versatile machine that enables the efficient harvesting of grains. The reason it is called a Combine is that it combines the basic harvesting operations to yield desired results. It prepares the perfect harvests. Finally, the straw that is separated and lying on the fields is then fed to the livestock.

Time-saving and labor-saving

This is a labor-saving invention that also saves time and results in minimal wastage of crops. Post-harvest losses are now a thing of the past owing to the precise performance of this spectacular machine.

Kubota’s life-saving technology

Kubota is an agricultural machinery company that has been setting benchmarks in the industry for decades. Its tractors are a must-have investment, and so are its combine harvesters. Kubota has transformed harvesting and rice transplanting which were considered the most labor-intensive tasks previously.

Threshing crops is not only quicker but also more efficient. Kubota has been developing solutions for farmers across the world and has been simplifying the lives of farmers by rolling out useful inventions one after the other. You can rely on Kubota’s people-friendly technology anytime as they are specialists in what they do. They help farmers double their yields even if it means producing a single extra grain of crop.

Our Kubota combines are made with high-quality materials, hence they are quite durable. Kubota is aware of the fact that soil composition and crop characteristics play a significant role and are different in every country, hence it produces its combines keeping these factors in mind.

Due to its ease of use and outstanding results, the demand for Kubota’s combine harvesters is rising every day. Its use is becoming more and more common in Asia and Africa, which are especially agriculture-centric.

Uses in Togo

Togo’s major cash crop is corn, hence the country’s farmers can greatly benefit from the use of our combines, which are widely used for harvesting corn and other such crops.

Our Combine Harvesters are compact and lightweight, hence they can be used in small fields with ease. These offer high fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

Crops that are difficult to separate are threshed with ease using our combines. Even in distressed fields, this machine is capable of giving excellent performance.

Combine Harvesters are adaptable and boast the qualities of various farm Implements. You do not have to use 4-5 different machines for harvesting anymore and can invest in a single harvester. It may sound like a hefty investment at first, but it proves to be cheaper in the long run, when compared to other alternatives, such as labor or machinery.

Get to know our machinery

If you want to know which harvester would be the best for your field, then you can take a thorough look at our wide range of harvesters which boast distinctive qualities. You can also get in touch with our sales representatives here who will guide you through what to invest in according to your farm size and type.