Farm Trailer

Working Width 145 cm – 167 cm
Discs size 61 cm
Weight 685 Kg
No’s of discs available 12, 14, 16, 18, 20

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A farm trailer is a commute-relevant farm implement, providing measures to simplify farming needs of effortless transport. A farm trailer is a rear-mounted tractor implement, accommodating huge quantities of bulk substances quite easily. Togolese farmers need to transport many significant objects to and fro, as part of their everyday farming pursuits. Prior to farm trailers, farmers would have to manually conduct transportation operations which were too stressful. With the advent of farm trailers, inter-farm and intra-farm transport have become easier and farmers can now traverse huge distances no matter whether the transportation is small scale or large scale.


Prominent Specifications

  • Easily attached and detached from the rear end of the compatible farm tractor.
  • Availability of lateral panels on each side.
  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Huge space is available for transporting goods.
  • Capable of commuting farm animals safely to the desired location without injuring them.
  • Anti-corrosive material is used.
  • Robust structure.


Technical Specification

  • Compatible with all 50 Hp farm tractors.
  • The estimated weight of the farm implement, subtracting load weight is 1000 Kg to 2000 Kg.
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