Potato Harvester

Potato Harvester Specification
Total Length 9ft
Total Width 5.5ft
Total Height 3ft
Digging Width 53 inches
Output 0.1ha/hr.

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A potato harvester is categorized as a harvester, who digs wholesome potatoes quickly and smoothly. The soil collected while picking up potatoes is sieved out fluently, while the potatoes are separated from the rear end of the tractor-mounted farm implement. It picks up the potatoes from the soil bed, by spinning itself repeatedly. As it is PTO-driven, the working potential of this farm implement is amplified. Later on, all the collected potatoes are transferred to a bagging chute, sorting out clear affected ones and unaffected ones. With this farm implement, farmers can speedily collect harvested potatoes and prevent delayed harvest, resulting in over-ripening of the potatoes.

Prominent Specifications

  • Digging potatoes has become easier.
  • Export quality farm implements.
  • Verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • The potatoes obtained are undamageable.
  • Potatoes can be easily spread into fields.
  • Circular blades are integrated within this farm implement, ensuring effective cutting.
  • Loose soil can be easily extracted.
  • For better harvesting, a hydraulic system is integrated within.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with all 50 HP and above farm tractors.
  • The average width calculated is 5.5 feet.
  • The approximate digging width is 53 inches.
  • The average height is measured to be 3 feet.
  • The average length measured to be is 9 feet.

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