Landscape Rakes

Operating Weight. 503 kg.
Length. 1608 mm.
Width. 1692 mm.
Height. 1026 mm.
Number of Teeth (Total) 384.
Working Width. 1524 mm.
Bucket Capacity. 0.34 m³

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A landscape rake has credible importance with respect to Togolese agriculture. A landscape rake is one the simplest yet most effective farming tool ideal for lawn maintenance. One can easily remove the debris from the lawn or farm ground using this sharp-ended raked implement. Besides debris removal and lawn maintenance, a large number of Togolese farmers make use of landscape rakes or gravel and soil leveling. The productivity of this credible farm implement is measured by that no residue is left behind when the sharp-ended rakes are brushed off the ground. Since landscape rakes are adjustable, they can be used in any direction.


Prominent Specifications

  • Composed of tough steel components.
  • Tines can be replaced.
  • Affordable and multipurpose.
  • Robust structure and is durable to serve for an infinite time.
  • Excellent for Togolese farmers in terms of lawn or farm management.
  • Tines cannot be broken down or bent down.
  • The angles are adjustable to ensure the finest finishing.
  • Tine spacing can be made adjustable too.


Technical Specifications

  • The average bucket capacity is 340 Kg
  • Compatible with all 50 Hp farm tractors.
  • The approximate working width is 1524 mm.
  • The gross weight measured is 503 Kg.
  • The total number of replaceable tines is estimated to be 384 tines.
  • The average length and average width are estimated to be 1604 mm and 1692 mm has attained an equilibrium position in terms of record high sales. This tractor dealer has been able to sell the bulk of modern and top-of-the-line farm implements in Togo. The reason behind the immense sale is affordable rates, uncompromised qualities, and the required set of education along with the usable farm implementation. Brand new farm implements in Togo at affordable rates can only be found at our tractor dealers. Need not worry, as our dynamic operational tractor dealer in Togo has got your farming needs sorted. Just hit the contact us button and we’re here to discuss further.