Kubota DC-105X Cabin Combine Harvester in Togo

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-105X Cabin
Horsepower: 105hp
Fuel: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 105L
Grain Tank Capacity: 2,350L
Body Weight: 4,750

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Modernization in Combine harvester technology

Modern combine harvesters include two different kinds of grain platforms, and they both help separate the grain from the stalks with less grain loss than older models. It is possible to learn how often the damage occurs to harvested crops and how often repairs are needed with the help of hands-on combine harvesters for sale. Farmers may remotely monitor the efficiency and security of their upgrades combined with the help of a companion smartphone app. Additionally, self-propelled combine harvesters are now in development, which consumes less fuel overall and are more eco-friendly by creating fewer combustion pollutants.


Features of DC-105X Cabin

The driver of a DC 105X Cabin may be comfortable even while working in the sweltering heat of summer in the farmyards thanks to the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Because of its reliable and efficient operation, the combine harvester DC 105X Cabin is widely recognized as one of the best harvesting machines on the market today. For rice harvesting in Togo’s farmlands, this strong diesel engine enables 100% regeneration of the newer crop while simultaneously decreasing loss rates to 3 percent or less.

According to reports, it has become one of the most popular combine harvesters in Togo because of the time and labor savings it provides farmers while still bringing in a crop of enough size. The grain tank and fuel tank capacities of the Kubota combine harvester are both greater than those of competing models, allowing it to work for longer periods of time without refueling.


Why DC-105X Cabin is better than DC 105X?

The DC-105X Cabin is a significant upgrade from the previous DC-105 model, offering more comfort and convenience to combine harvester drivers who must operate their machines in poor weather or other low-visibility circumstances. The DC-105X Cabin’s harvesting width has been increased from 2.53 m to 2.76 m, which results in a 10% boost in productivity. More is produced in less time. To increase cereal production, the threshing drums’ length was increased from 1790 to 2210 millimeters. The harvest is increased with little crop loss. Center Direct Injection (CDIS) technology provides more efficiency and power, allowing the engine to run for longer without refueling.


Price of the DC 105X Cabin

Kubota makes combine harvesters that are well known for being among the most reasonably priced on the market. Exceptional crop harvesting necessitates the use of combine harvesters, but farmers’ finances do not always allow for this investment. Combine harvesters, like the DC-105X Cabin, are available at Tractors Togo for a reasonable price.


Who are we?

One of the premier tractor dealers in Togo, Tractors Togo, has a wide selection of Kubota and other top-name models. Tractors Togo is committed to providing the farmers of Togo with cutting-edge harvesting equipment. Kubota, a well-respected producer of farm implements, has been at it for half a century. Our combine harvesters are the most advanced on the market, and Tractors Togo is the only place to buy one. We also produce ploughs and other agricultural machinery. Our goal is to provide superior service and goods to our farmers so that they, in turn, provide the highest quality crop possible. Because of this, we only sell high-quality machines from reputable manufacturers and provide unrivaled support to our clients.

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