Kubota DC-35 Combine Harvester in Togo

Make: Kubota
Model: DC-35
Horsepower: 33hp
Fuel Capacity: 60L
Grain Tank Capacity: 130 L
Ground Clearance: 300 mm
Body Weight: 3,150



Why is the Kubota DC-35 so popular in Togo?

The uncomplicated design and shallow harvest angles of the Kubota combine harvester DC-35 make it an excellent choice for use in paddy fields that are on the more compact side. It is capable of spinning the harvesting head which makes it more efficient and speedy. You can easily harvest in compact spaces due to the small size of the equipment. The quick rotation of this piece of agricultural machinery, which is not only efficient but also effective, as well as its narrow harvesting angles, are the defining characteristics of this tool (turning). Due to the fact that it is on the smaller side, it makes it possible to carry a higher number of objects at the same time. The huge size and comparatively low weight of the crawler mean that it is only subjected to a minimal amount of force while it is pressing against the soil.


Features of the DC-35

Even when operating with large loads, the DC-35 combine harvester provides exceptional threshing and separation performance. The conventional air stream cleaning system guarantees that there is a consistent flow of air through the filter box by maintaining a constant velocity of airflow. When working with extremely big numbers, this combine harvester, using this procedure results in a significant reduction in the number of husks and other waste material that is created. This Combine harvester contains slide-out filtering systems that are easy to maintain and clean since the drill, screws, and fans are all contained within the filter box. If either the drill drum or the feeder conveyor gets clogged, the Kubota combine harvester’s reversing mechanism makes it simple to reverse the chain of the feed conveyor. This is helpful in the case that one of the two components becomes blocked. It is simple to use while having a large number of extra choices to choose from. This combine harvester is ideal for use in areas with limited space, such as in rice fields.


Price of the DC-35

The horsepower and overall size of the harvester have a significant role in determining the pricing of a DC-35 Kubota Combine harvester in Togo. A general rule of thumb is that the costs associated with producing a smaller crop will be lower than those associated with producing a bigger crop. This pricing does not take into account any extra taxes or fees that could be required by the government of the country where the machine will be delivered. Combine harvesters manufactured by Kubota and available for purchase at Tractor Togo come in a variety of sizes and horsepower ratings.


Tractors Togo provides the best agricultural machinery

If farmers in Togo want more advanced agricultural machinery, such as a Kubota combine harvester, Tractors Togo may be able to assist them with their search. As a consequence of this, the agricultural machinery that we use, such as combine harvesters, increases the productivity of planting and harvesting. As a result of the ties we have established in Togo, we have access to a diverse range of agricultural equipment.

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