Potato Digger

Seed capacity 240-600 Kgs
Seed to seed spacing 6 inches
Line to Line capacity 28-30 inches
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above

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As the name implies, potato diggers are solely used for the harvest of injury-free potatoes. This essential device is capable of harvesting potatoes while sieving out the adjoined soil. Besides potatoes, this farm implement is used for the harvest of a couple of underground crops including carrots, onions, peanuts, etc. This farm implement for sale manages to harvest potatoes by lifting them. Potatoes of different sizes can be easily picked from this efficient farming tool. The potatoes grown on furrows or even on flat sowings can be easily picked up by this qualitative tractor attachment.


Prominent Specifications

  • Potatoes are obtained through an effortless procedure.
  • The potatoes dug out are free from injuries.
  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • The adjoint soil is sieved out very easily.
  • Circular blades are an integral part of this farm implement, ensuring efficient and precise cutting.
  • Hydraulic drive working as part of the farm implements, aces the harvesting of potatoes.
  • Affordable and multipurpose.


Technical Specifications

  • Compatible with all 50 Hp and above farm tractors.
  • The potential seed capacity is 240 to 600 Kg.
  • The estimated working depth is measured to be 10 inches.
  • The estimated working width is measured to be 40 inches.
  • The measurable line-to-line capacity is 28 inches to 300 inches.
  • The measurable seed-to-seed capacity is 6 inches.


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