New Holland Ghazi Tractor in Togo

Model / Type: New Holland Ghazi
Horse Power: 65hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Orange



Changing the game of agriculture in Togo

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For over a hundred years, this manufacturer has been looking out for farmers

New Holland is still a full-service farm equipment manufacturer. Its rich fodder-producing background is supplemented with high-horsepower tractors, combines, seeding equipment, and much more. Developing autonomous and clean tractor concepts and fuels and other agricultural solutions helps the brand stand out and play a leading role globally.

New Holland tractors are adaptable and fuel-efficient making them vastly attractive to farmers of Togo. Because of their powerful engines, good acceleration, and compact design, these tractors offer top-notch performance and dependability. They include a slew of features that keep you comfy while saving you time and money.


This tractor is capable of performing a range of duties efficiently

The NH Ghazi has a sturdy frame and a 65-horsepower 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine. Available in the 2 WD range, this tractor has maximum torque at 1,500 rpm is 23.9 Kgm, three cylinders, bore and stroke is 104 x 115 mm, and piston displacement is 2,931 cc. The maximum lifting capacity is 1,650 kilograms allowing for this tractor to pick large loads and for trolley purposes.

It is equipped with SG iron axle tubes which are useful because they help increase traction force and lead to efficient heat dissipation. The operating weight of this vehicle is 1,785 kilograms, the wheelbase is 1,953 mm, the overall length is 3,046 mm, the height to the top of the hood is 1,390 mm, and the height of the steering wheel is 1,490 mm

This New Holland tractor is built strong, making it appropriate for long working hours under the sun. The fuel tank capacity of this tractor is 54 liters, engine oil is 8 liters, and hydraulic transmission is 18 liters. The Oil Immersed braking system is designed to provide maximum stopping power. To make the drive more comfortable for our operator, there is a spring suspension deluxe seat.

This tractor also has hydrostatic power steering for less driver fatigue and effortless functioning. A side-hinged cover allows you easy engine inspection and overall, the NH Ghazi tractor is simple to use and maintain. Other qualities contain an advanced hydraulic fuel distributor, flat top fender, 3-point linkage Cat I – II, Gearbox with constant-mesh gears, and dual plate clutch.

When on the field, this wonderful farm tractor can do marvels, with the most common chores being ploughing the area for cultivation, planting, road construction, etc. To find more information regarding this tractor and our other farming machinery, contact our sales staff for assistance and to make a purchase. Let’s talk and discover equipment for your farm.