New Holland 70-56 Tractor in Togo

Model / Type: New Holland 70-56
Horse Power: 85hp
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Brand New
Color : Red



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Farmers can receive many gains by choosing New Holland

Since its founding in 1895, New Holland has been committed to providing solutions for increased agricultural productivity and efficiency helping farmers from all around the globe. It has the broadest selection of agricultural equipment in the world giving customers options to choose from according to their tailored needs.

The performance of every product under this brand is excellent, as is its dependability. The New Holland tractors are built for comfort with many of their features for example the hydrostatic power steering system. They are also economical and strong in their structure while being easily functional. That’s why we bring to you various New Holland models.


An economical tractor with an excellent stroke and power

The NH 70-56 is a robust tractor with an 85 horsepower 4 Cycle Diesel Direct injection engine. Its hydrostatic power steering with an independent circuit makes for a comfortable driving experience for the driver. What makes the drive more pleasant is the deluxe parallelogram suspension and hydraulic shock absorber seats. The outstanding fuel consumption is a gain for Togo farmers.

At 1750 engine rpm, a live PTO with a 35 mm diameter produces 540 PTO revolutions per minute. This tractor has a four-cylinder engine that is quiet and emits few emissions, making it a green tractor. The maximum torque at 1500 rpm is 27 Kgm, the piston displacement is 3908 cc, and a 104*115mm bore and stroke. Additionally, farm implements can be operated with this tractor.

With an operating weight of 2600 kilograms, the lifting capacity is 2200 kilograms making its trolley and haulage drive performance exceptional. A noteworthy feature of this New Holland tractor is the automated and effective hydraulic system which uses lift-o-Matic technology. It is also equipped with eight gear transmissions, two fuel filters, one oil, and one air filter.

It has mechanically operated oil-immersed disc brakes helping to slow down the rate of disc deterioration. This tractor works well all around, especially in farmers’ cultivation and tillage techniques. It has an easy-to-maintain engine hood with maximum access to engine service points alongside a New Holland Fiat 8045.05 engine, flat top fenders, 47.5 liters’ fuel capacity, and a 110/120Ah battery.

Overall, the NH 70-56 has many benefits to offer including that it has better traction, which improves job productivity making it a valuable asset for our Togo farmers.


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