Massive 240S Tractor in Togo

Model / Type: Massive 240
Horse Power: 50hp
Transmission: Manual
Engine: 2.5D
Condition: Brand New

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If you are looking for compact, reliable, and affordable farm tractors in Togo, then your search ends here. Invest wisely in Massive Tractor 240, exclusively available at Tractors Togo.


On-the-go tractor dealer

Tractors Togo is an acclaimed tractor dealer, proceeding with its operations from the Central Republic of Togo. At Tractors Togo, we believe in providing farming services to Togolese farmers at affordable rates. We aim to make top-of-the-line tractors and farm implements accessible to the Togolese farmers. You can trust our farming inventory to fulfill your every farming need.


Why buy the Massive Tractor 240?

Massive Tractor 240 is an all-rounder farm tractor, which is not only compact and occupies very little space but is extremely functional in terms of various agricultural applications.


  • Engine

Massive Tractor 240 comprises a three-cylinder Perkins diesel engine of 2.5L. This high-speed engine can depict 46 hp at 2000-rated RPM. The overall fuel capacity is measured to be 47.7-liter which can be accommodated within the embedded fuel tank. Besides, 9.8-liter coolant capacity, a dual dry element air cleaner, and an optional ether that can be used for preheating.


  • Transmission

The transmission of the Massive Tractor 240 available at Tractors Togo is of sliding spur type, with 8 gears to move forward and 2 gears to move backward. The movement of the gears and clutch impacts the amendments within the varying speed. The transmission of this rugged and maneuverable tractor is smooth and uninterrupted as hydrostatic power steering and two-post ROPS are working simultaneously within the engine system.


The Massive Tractor 240 is an easy-to-operate farm tractor primarily used for intense pulling and towing. The engine is built to endure rough and tough farming activities including ploughing, reaping, tilling, mowing, etc.

For the hydraulics, there exist 2 valves of approximately 32.6-liter capacity, generating 36 liters-per-minute pump flow. This 2WD variant of Massive Tractor 240 has a hitch, position control, and draft control. The overall weight of the dynamic farm vehicle is measured to be 1,911 kilograms.


A very capable tractor

The Massive Tractor 240 can be trusted for the accomplishment of a variety of commercial as well as agricultural projects. This tractor in the Togolese fields of cultivation can work like a horse, depicting an enhanced fuel efficiency while functioning on the average 10 to 50-acre farms every day. This tractor is the first of its kind that can power ploughing-related operations and is small in size, hence occupying the smallest space.


Overcoming agricultural challenges

With a decent tractor like a Massive Tractor, a number of agricultural challenges can be overcome, including shortage of food, the standard of living, employment opportunities, etc. Massive Tractor 240 can flawlessly execute farming operations that were too hectic to execute manually. Resultantly, farming stress and the costs of additional labor are minimized, providing relief to Togolese farmers. With the rapid completion of farming operations, significant crops of Togo, mainly coffee, cocoa, cotton, rice, maize, etc. can be grown and supplied in significant amounts thus overcoming famine problems and striving to improve living standards.

Don’t be doubtful when buying a Massive Tractor 240 as it is equally credible and considered to be one of the best buys of this decade.