Hammer Mill

Motor pulley
2 Number cotton balloon
Anti-vibrating foundation Stand with adjustable rail for motor
3 numbers of perforated round holes screens.
starters, main switch, ampere meter, capacitor For three phase
Foundation bolts
v belts
All contacting parts stainless steel 304/316 can be accommodated.

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To get the job of crushing done, farmers make use of hammer mills, as an excellent crushing tool featuring many small hammers, and persistently blowing. Besides farming, a number of industrial and pharmaceutical applications can be furnished with this effective tool. These many industrial applications include the production of fruit juice, ethanol plants, shredding paper, the oil extraction process, and waste management. Since this farm implement is made up of cast iron fitted with a roller bearing, high-speed grinding can be achieved, crushing everything in between.


Prominent Specifications

  • Adjustable and therefore various cutting heights can be obtained.
  • A large number of materials can be crushed down.
  • Quite cost-effective as compared to rolling mills.
  • Particles in spherical shape are obtained.
  • Despite being heavy-duty, does not require ample fuel.
  • Export quality farm implement.
  • Verified under the laws of ISO 9001 verification.
  • Economical and multipurpose.


Technical Specifications

  • The driveshaft connects all the hammers.
  • Hammer, steel drum, and revolving shaft work in synchrony.
  • Multiple checkpoints with a simplified structure.
  • Single expelling and opening end.
  • The opening can be adjusted as per the operator’s requirements.


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