Folding Canopy



Let us improve your yields with advanced machinery

Tractors Togo is a tractor supplier dedicated to providing farmers in Togo with long-lasting and exceptional agricultural machinery. You can get multiple gains from our tractors, combine harvesters, farm implements, and accessories that have been manufactured by world-known brands in the agricultural sector.

Our equipment enables Togolese farmers to perform all the various farming tasks they need to accomplish. This is done more easily with our machinery and gives farmers more productivity and profitability. We are a trusted dealer amongst farmers because of our products but also due to our exceptional customer service where our sales staff is trained to aid farmers in the best way possible.


Use an accessory and find ease

The accessories we supply to our customers contain folding canopies and cabins. These accessories are made with outstanding materials enabling the highest effectiveness to be reached alongside raised durability. These attachable tools are made for the comfort of the operator and improve the farming experience for the farmers of Togo.


Folding canopies give you the protection you need

A folding canopy is an agricultural accessory with a tent-like structure that can be attached to a tractor or combine harvester. It can be detached easily and can be folded or removed when not in use. Togo’s climate is quite warm, this makes farmers’ jobs harder as working under the sun at high temperatures can be damaging to the health of the farmers and effects their work lowering productivity.

What we often overlook is the sun’s effect on the skin, it can cause skin damage and diseases which are prevented with the folding canopy. The protective shade this tool gives is vastly essential and keeps the farmer cool in harsh working conditions allowing longer work hours on the field and a better farming experience. With a better state of mind for the farmers, more work is done and higher efficiency is attained.

The folding canopy we offer has a sturdy frame that reduces damage and increases longevity. This accessory also shields the farmer from other external situations and conditions such as rain and snow. Farmers have to get tasks done daily and if there is bad weather like rain, the folding canopy allows for the jobs at hand to be completed and encourages consistency.


Prevent harm by investing in safety gear

Tractor rollovers are the single most lethal sort of farm injury incidence. Without an enclosed cab, farmers are more prone to accidents which can even cause death. To reduce damages caused by such accidents, a folding canopy can come in handy. Our folding canopies can last for a very long time without moving because of their high quality.

Take a hold of our folding canopy and other machinery at the best competitive prices. When you wish to make a purchase or get advice, you can contact our sales representatives through email, phone, or WhatsApp. All details are available on our site, so reach out and get the right price.